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UK Register of Expert Witnesses

UK Register of Expert Witnesses is the premier source of vetted expert witnesses in the UK. First published in 1988, the current edition lists over 3,000 witnesses and is in use in over 3,500 practices nationwide.

If you are a lawyer, the UK Register of Expert Witnesses will help you to:

The Register allows you to search for expert witnesses based on their area of expertise. All you need to do is specify what expertise you are looking for and then hit the Search button. It's that easy!

The result of your search will be a page with a number of expert witnesses listed. Simply click on one of the names to see their entry in the Register.

Benefits of the Service

A few rules to follow when using this search facility:

  1. You should specify expertise, not professional description. For example, use Psychiatry not Psychiatrist, Diving not Diver.
  2. The searching is more powerful if you just type the start of words. For example, Refrig will match Refrigerants, Refrigerated and Refrigeration
  3. You must complete the boxes in order
  4. You must enter three or more letters in a box